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We understand that a designed patch to complete out a uniform or remedy wear and tear on clothes is often the best option. Make MCS Digitizing your go-to provider for these services for quality designs on the clock.Check out our patchwork in our portfolio:

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Our best known services in the custom patches

Custom Embroidery Patches

Custom PVC Patches

Custom Leather Patches

Custom Flag Patches

Custom Logo Patches

Custom Embroidery Patches

MCS Digitizing is well known for their traditional custom embroidered patches. Almost any size, shape, and colour twill or thread (even glow in the dark) may be used to create your own bespoke patches.

Custom PVC Patches

Your design may be brought to life with the help of custom PVC patches, which are both durable and eye-catching. Polyvinyl chloride, the material used to make these rubber-like patches, is waterproof and resistant to wide temperature swings. PVC patches are the finest choice for outdoor activities and for military or morale patches since they are waterproof and flexible.

Leather Patches

These patches can be affixed to your favourite clothing using sew-on, self-stick, or Velcro backings. Pieces of actual leather are cut into a variety of forms based on your design, which can include your business name, logos, and much more.

Flag Patches

Get the flag you desire on the patches based on the style you want!

Logo Patches

Showcasing the brand identity through patches can be a great way to boost your brand's identity with high quality patches from MCS Digitizing.

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